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Congressman Ron Paul on Home Schooling

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 The Call to Dunkirk

Exodus Mandate video calling all Christians to remove God's children from the Government schools.

Today, more than one million homeschooled children in the United States and tens of thousands of other learners around the world are learning outside of school. Now that homeschooling is growing worldwide, the real-world experiences of learners show that schools are not always necessary for learning. Particularly, socialization research confirms that young people can grow up more mature and poised than their age-peers if they avoid the age segregation characteristic of almost all schools. Licensed professionals in the field of language development of children all agree that parental interaction with children is indispensable for children learning to talk, so it is no surprise that parental interaction with children is necessary for other aspects of child development as well. Your children can learn to read at home, as my son and tens of thousands of children in homeschooling families already have. Even schools of higher education that are selective about admitting adult learners are happy to admit applicants who never attended school in their childhood, so the number of colleges that admit homeschoolers has grown to more than 1,000 colleges in at least five countries.

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Charlotte Iserbyt
Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World

The goal of this site is to provide information about home schooling and family activities. Whether you are a new or experienced home schooler, or just considering home schooling, this is the place to start

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(CBS) Many parents are passing up public and private school education for their children and are choosing instead to teach them at home.

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Stop TeenScreen's Unscientific and Experimental "Mental Health Screening" of American School Children.  Petition:

(for parents only):


"Homeschoolers  Don't need Government Vouchers or control!

We have homeschooled our children for years without them!"




Colorado School District Adopts New Tactic
The superintendent of Sargent School
District is attempting to "buy off"
home schoolers in order to gain more
funds for the district. Local home
school families have received a letter
inviting them to enroll their children
in public school for a three-day trial
period during the last week of September
and the first week of October. This
coincides with the state's count
period to determine district funding.
Sargent's letter said, "In exchange
for your child's attendance on those
three days, we will issue a check to
you in the amount of $600 per child
for you to use for curriculum and
other materials needed to support
your child's education." The public
school is also offering certain
services for home school students
who participate.

HSLDA is concerned that home schoolers
are simply being used by public school
officials to gain additional funding
for the schools. Each student is worth
close to $5,200 in state and federal
funds, based on that late September/early
October head count. The $600 home
schools would receive is a pittance of
the profit that the public school will
make on each home school child. We urge
home schoolers not to participate.  


1.  Q.  How many home school students are there?
A. There are approximately 1.5 to 2 million home school students.

2. Q.  How do home school students compare with public school students?
A. While public school students always average 50 percentile points on nationally-nomed standardized achievement exams home students average 80 to 87 percentile points across all subject on the same tests.

3.   Q.Are parents with teaching certificates more effective at home schooling their children?
A. Home school students having parents with teaching certificates average 3 percentile points higher.

4.  Q. Does a parent's education background have much effect on their children's home school perfomamnce?
A. Home educated students' test scores remain between the 80 and 90 percentiles, whether their mothers have a college degree or did not complete high school.

5. Q.  Does race make a difference in academic performance?
A. Math and reading scores for minorities in home schools show no significant difference when compared to whites.

6. Q.  What kind of curriculum do home schoolers use?
A. 71% of home school parents have no definite curriculum but pick their own teaching materials and customize the curriculum to meet the needs of their children and their family lifestyle.  24% use a complete curriculum package which they purchase from various providers.


The Home Schooling Kits

  • An Audio Tape Guide that describes in detail how to proceed in preparing to home school your students.
  • An Administration Kit that aids you in planning lessons and keeping track of attendance and grades.
  • A grade level Curriculum Guide to help you plan lessons for your student.
  • A Reading List to help you select appropriate grade level reading material for your student.
  • The Parent's Guide to Standards, a Kindergarten to 6th Grade resource to help parents better understand standards - based on teaching and their own children's performance.
  • The Parent's Guide to Testing, provides parents with a better understanding of the kinds of tests their children may encounter in grades Kindergarten to 6th.
  • Expressway to Reading, an activity book for parents of Children in grades 2 - 5. It will help parents to improve the reading skills of their children by making reading more fun.
  • Study Skills, will help parents fine-tune the foundation skills and habits students need to succeed with class work, homework, and standardized assessments.
  • Lesson Plans, is a timesaving resource providing teachers with 22 pre-planned lessons developed to meet curriculum standards.
  • Language Arts Handbook, is a comprehensive, all-in-one handbook of reproducibles providing activities on every aspect of language arts skills.
  • Spelling, helps students master the words that they will use most frequently in the classroom.
  • Grade Level Math, offers easy-to-understand practice exercises to help students build conceptual knowledge and computation skills together.
  • Life Science, will boost your students' understanding of the world around them. Varied exercises and hands-on-activities make this book a handy companion to the science curriculum.
  • Math Standardized Tests & Reading Standardized Tests, are skill-specific materials focusing on practice before test day.

Home Schooling is Safe Schooling

Home Schooling in Guam

Group: Tests Prove There's No Place Like Home for Schooling

Home School News & Info May, 2001

Save Our Families May 13th

Save Our Families invites persons who are  interested in reform efforts in
Florida to join us  for the 2nd Annual Florida Freedom Review.

 At 1:30 pm on May 13th, we will reconvene for a meeting of reform
organizations and  interested persons.  Organizations working on all types
of reform are  invited to present educational material and address the
audience regarding their organizations history and agenda.  This meeting is
for people who
 believe a small group of people can change the world, presented by a small
 group of people who are trying.

Confirmed speakers include (in alphabetical order) include student leaders
from campus NORML chapters; Kevin Aplin, Director of the FL CAN Legal
Support Network; John Chase of the November Coalition; Kay Lee of Making The
Walls Transparent; Mike Palmeri of FORML; Greg Scott representing CAMM and
Ken Wise with FIJI Strategies.

Groups interested in being added to the speaker roster should contact us by
e-mail before Thurs. Morning or after Thursday by cell phone at

Sunday is part of the Save Our Families Summit taking place Friday and
 Saturday.  For more information on the Summit visit
 Please register for the summit or the Sunday presentation at the website.

 Through a generous donation from the Lindesmith Drug Policy Foundation we
 are pleased to offer scholarships to those who otherwise would be unable to

 If your organization is not represented on the speaker list, please contact
 us immediately.

 Jodi James Safety Harbor Spa and Resort
Project Coordinator  105 N Bayshore Drive
321-253-3673   Safety Harbor, FL 34695
cell 321-258-7036

Safety Harbor:  1-800-237-0155 for overnight reservations or directions

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It’s giving 2 million kids a good education, sound values, and a rich family life.
If unaccredited parents can do it,
why can’t the
public schools?

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (Book) 736 pages

Home-school movement goes global

By Andrea Billups

The Washington Times

September 19, 2000

Home schooling is rapidly expanding worldwide as families abroad search for options to guide their children’s education amid growing concerns over lax educational standards and increasing violence in government-run schools.

Christopher J. Klicka, senior lawyer at the Home School Legal Defense Association, says his Purcellville, Va.-based organization has had contact with home educators in 25 nations around the world over the past couple of years.

"There seems to be a thirst for this by parents everywhere," says Mr. Klicka, who traveled to Germany and Japan this summer to help families in those nations organize to get home schooling protected and legalized.

"What is exciting for us is they are contacting us for the answers for finding out what worked here in United States as far as legal strategies and grass-roots efforts," said Mr. Klicka, whose organization has worked for years to help home schooling become legal in all 50 states.

He said the cultural problems parents faced here in the United States when the home-school movement began "are not unlike many in these other countries, particularly the European and industrialized countries. Parents are looking for options and they should have the rights to choose and to direct the education of their kids."

The home schooling movement has grown in the United States to an estimated 1.7 million students. In fact, the movement here has gained enough credibility that Internet media giant this week announced the creation of an online store for home-school families.

Brian Ray, a former professor of education and classroom teacher who runs the National Home Education Research Institute in Salem, Ore., said he, too, has observed a strong surge in international interest. He has spoken about home schooling at international conferences in Switzerland and Great Britain.

"It’s clearly growing," said Mr. Ray of the global appeal. In the last week, he has fielded calls from Kuwait, Korea and from a Pakistani living in London, all seeking more information on how they can support home schooling in their countries.

In Japan, says Mr. Klicka, home schooling is becoming all the rage, and is being supported by several leaders in the corporate business community. The country has experienced a 300,000-student per year dropout rate in junior and senior high schools over the past several years, and is seeking solutions that might give children who have left school a reason to return to their studies.

"The business community is driving the home-school community in Japan," he said. "They want kids to be educated."

Home schooling, while not yet officially approved by the Japanese government, continues to garner the support of many education officials, Mr. Klicka said. They include a professor of education at Hyogo University, Shigeru Narita, who is the president of a newly formed home educators group called HOSA (Home School Support Association of Japan). Japanese educators say the freedom and creativity home schooling gives students may be an effective alternative for those who are disenchanted with the country’s rigid system of public education.

In Germany, a new national home-school organization, Schulunterricht zu Hause (School Instruction at Home), formed in July. While home schooling has yet to be approved by the government in Germany, home education continues to grow across the country.

In June, U.S. home schoolers protested the treatment of a German father of 10 who had his home ransacked and was arrested for teaching his children at home. They barraged the German Embassy with e-mail, letters and phone calls. The man’s case has since been dropped.

"We have a lot of hope that Germany will begin to turn" in its acceptance of home education, Mr. Klicka said.

However, home schooling suffered a blow this year in the Canadian province of Manitoba, where lawmakers passed a bill that allows the government to control curriculum and define standards for home-school families.

Mr. Klicka’s group is working with lawyers from the Canadian Home School Legal Defense Association to have the law declared void on the grounds that it is overly vague.

If negotiations fail, Canadian lawyers will file suit, he said.

"The standards are very elusive, and there are no clear-cut guidelines for parents as to how to even meet the standards, so it’s left to the government officials to make determinations based on what their whims might be. It’s put the home schoolers there in a very precarious position," Mr. Klicka said.


Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Home Schooling Works!
20,760 student achievement test scores and their family demographics make this the largest study of home education to date! Results demonstrate that home schooled students are doing exceptionally well and provide an informative portrait of America’s modern home education movement. Conducted by Dr. Lawrence M. Rudner, Director of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation.

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Exemption for Homeschoolers Petition

To:  U.S. Department of Education

We the undersigned, are petitioning for the rights of our home-schooled children and/or future home-schooled children to be exempt from any and all "involvement" or "standardized testing" of any kind. Our children are not standards to be measured but rather, are individuals whose excitement for learning are being impeded by the involvement of local, state and federal governments. We feel that standardized testing is mass-administered, machine-scored, and an utterly indifferent method used to measure every characteristic of our children, save their ability to get the answers right, and does nothing in addressing their individuality or true intelligence. Our children are home-schooled and should not be measured in comparison to publicly schooled children. Our children are individuals whose education, care, loving, and upbringing belong to us, not a public school or government. Our children belong to us and we are offended when a politician refers to our children as "Our children". We feel that standardized tests and any outside involvement should not be allowed and as it stands presently, our constitutional rights are being infringed upon.


The Undersigned

This letter & form at:

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Supreme Court Rules In Favor of School Religious Meetings
( - The U.S. Supreme Court Monday ruled that a Christian
children's club should not be treated differently than other outside
groups that hold their meetings in public school buildings after classes
let out for the day. In its 6-3 ruling, the Justices said a public
school in upstate New York violated the Christian club's first amendment
rights by refusing to let the club use the school building, when other
groups were allowed to do so\Nation\archive\200106\NAT20010611e.html

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